the bambi kino

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the bambi kino
33 paul-roosen strasse
hamburg, germany 22767

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A former porn theater in Hamburg, the Bambi Kino is most famous for its tenants in the early 60s.

The Beatles arrived in Hamburg on August 17, 1960. Bruno Koschmider, the owner of the Indra and Kaiserkeller clubs in Hamburg, let them stay in the storeroom behind the screen of the theater, which he also owned.

McCartney later said: "We lived backstage in the Bambi Kino, next to the toilets, and you could always smell them. The room had been an old storeroom, and there were just concrete walls and nothing else. No heat, no wallpaper, not a lick of paint; and two sets of bunk beds, with not very much covers—Union Jack flags—we were frozen."

When the Beatles got a better offer in Hamburg, Koschmider reported Harrison as being underage for a work visa, and he was deported on November 30, 1962. McCartney and Best retaliated by nailing a condom to the wall and setting it on fire. They were arrested for arson. Now an apartment building, the cinema entrance was where the garage door now stands.