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ryman auditorium

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Built in 1892, The Ryman Auditorium was designed by architect Hugh Cathcart Thompson and funded by riverboat captain and saloon owner Thomas Ryman. Originally called The Union Gospel Tabernacle, it's original purpose was a multi-function church/tabernacle for the famed revivalist preacher Samuel Porter Jones.

The auditorium was renamed Ryman after his death in 1904. The popular radio show The Grand Ole Opry was broadcast at this location from 1943 to 1974 (until it moved to it's current location at the Opryland USA theme park outside of Nashville).

Johnny Cash first met June Carter here in 1956 during a show when they were both performing (Cash with the Tennessee Two and June with the Carter family).

In 1965, Cash was performing for the Grand Ole Opry when his mic stand broke. Upset, he dragged the stand across the floor lights, causing them to explode (some say he kicked out a few as well).

Cash patched up things, and later filmed The Johnny Cash Show for ABC from 1969 to 1971.

The Ryman Auditorium was placed on National Register for Historic Places in 1971, and was further designated a National Historic Landmark in 2001.

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third man records

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Jack White's record label Third Man Records (a nod to the Orson Welles film noir The Third Man) has its physical location in Nashville. The building, topped with a Tesla Tower, serves as a record store, production office and recording studio. Some bands that have released albums on the record label, founded in 2001, include The White Stripes, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs.

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johnny cash museum (upcoming)

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Scheduled to open up in the summer of 2012 at a former rug store, the Johnny Cash Museum will feature 18,000 square feet of memorabilia, interactive exhibits and a 250-seat auditorium.

Funded by long-time Johnny Cash friends and co-hosts of The Johnny Cash Radio Hour, Bill and Shannon Miller state that some of the artifacts will come from the defunct House of Cash (closed 1999), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Cash's Hendersonville home.

Nashville-based Griffin Technologies will provide the interactive displays and iPad applications. The couple hopes to keep ticket prices around $13.

No firm opening date has been set, so I guess it's wait and see if it really happens.

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