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mama cash’s house

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Johnny Cash originally purchased this ranch house for his parents. As his health deteriorated in his final days, it was difficult for him to get around in a wheel chair in the lake house across the street, so he lived in this house (nicknamed "Mama Cash's house").

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johnny cash museum (former)

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Formerly located in Hendersonville, TN, the Johnny Cash Museum was at this location for many years. While Johnny Cash was alive, it housed many pieces of memorabilia from the performer's life. Cash's own mother, Carrie, worked at the museum for the last ten years of her life.

The museum is featured in the Johnny Cash video "Hurt", a Nine Inch Nails cover that was directed by Mark Romanek. The museum is shown after it had been closed and damaged by a flood- a striking visual metaphor for the dark, introspective lyrics to the song.

The Johnny Cash Museum has since been moved to Nashville, with a scheduled opening in the summer of 2012. The current land and buildings were sold by the Cash family to Hendersonville developer Danny Hale in 2007 for $600,000.

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el paso international airport

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On October 4, 1965, Johnny Cash was returning from Juarez, Mexico when he was arrested at the El Paso International Airport.

He was charged with importing and concealing 668 Dexadrin (uppers) and 475 Equanil (downers) tablets that he had stored in his guitar case.

Bond was set for $1,500.

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ryman auditorium

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Built in 1892, The Ryman Auditorium was designed by architect Hugh Cathcart Thompson and funded by riverboat captain and saloon owner Thomas Ryman. Originally called The Union Gospel Tabernacle, it's original purpose was a multi-function church/tabernacle for the famed revivalist preacher Samuel Porter Jones.

The auditorium was renamed Ryman after his death in 1904. The popular radio show The Grand Ole Opry was broadcast at this location from 1943 to 1974 (until it moved to it's current location at the Opryland USA theme park outside of Nashville).

Johnny Cash first met June Carter here in 1956 during a show when they were both performing (Cash with the Tennessee Two and June with the Carter family).

In 1965, Cash was performing for the Grand Ole Opry when his mic stand broke. Upset, he dragged the stand across the floor lights, causing them to explode (some say he kicked out a few as well).

Cash patched up things, and later filmed The Johnny Cash Show for ABC from 1969 to 1971.

The Ryman Auditorium was placed on National Register for Historic Places in 1971, and was further designated a National Historic Landmark in 2001.

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starkville city jail

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On May 11, 1965, Johnny Cash was arrested in Starkville, Mississippi for what he described as "pickin' flowers." The official charge was public drunkenness, and Johnny Cash spent the night in the Starkville City Jail (now known as Oktibbeha County Jail). While in the jail cell, Cash kicked the wall so hard that he broke his toe. He was fined $36 and released the next morning.

The NY Times recounted a near mythical experience of Smokey Evans that night. Smokey claims that when he was 15 and drunk, he was thrown in the same cell as Cash. After Johnny broke his toe, he gave Smokey his black shoes and said: "Here’s a souvenir. I’m Johnny Cash." Evans left the shoes to his nephew in his will.

The experience was immortalized in the song "Starkville City Jail" which was recorded on the At San Quentin live album. Johnny Cash was arrested in seven different cities, but only Starkville warranted its own song.

Since that fateful day, the town of Starkville has periodically held the Pardon Johnny Cash Flower Pickin' Festival to celebrate the Man in Black's brush with the law for drunken horticulture.

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