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ötzi the iceman

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Found by hikers in 1991, "Ötzi" is Europe's oldest known natural human mummy. Through forensic archaeology, it may also be the world's oldest murder cold case.

The story of Ötzi was featured in Episode 3 of History on Fire podcast.

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“alone” island

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The survivor series Alone on the History Channel films on Quatsino First Nation land, on northwestern Vancouver Island.

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america’s first spy ring

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Much of the action in the first episode of AMC's American Revolutionary War-era drama Turn is centered around the Long Island town of Setauket, NY.

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kensal green cemetery

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Lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, was cremated at Kensal Green Cemetery after his death from AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia on Nov. 24, 1991.

The placement of his ashes has remained a mystery, but a plaque was found in the cemetery in early 2013, causing speculation that they were scattered on location.

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michael werner gallery

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The Michael Werner Gallery in New York has exhibited paintings and published books of Don Van Vliet's (Captain Beefheart) artwork since 1991.

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