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the rusty nail

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From the episode “Carded and Discarded”. The freaks buy fake ID’s to get in this bar to see the band Feedback, which turns out to fronted by their guidance counselor, Mr. Rosso.
The Freaks and Geeks series took place in the fictional town of Chippewa, MI. Many references in the series are taken from writer Paul Feig’s hometown of Clinton Township, MI. These include 15 Mile Road, the now defunct grocery store chain Farmer Jack, Mount Clemen [sic] High School, Cobo Arena, Faygo pop, and, The Rusty Nail.
According to bar staff, the location was operating under The Rusty Nail name during in the early 1980’s, but at the time was “more of a biker bar”. From my experience, the location now looks to be a gathering place to drink and play euchre.

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