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the hollywood bowl

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The largest natural amphitheater in the United States (seating capacity around 18,000), the Hollywood Bowl has seen quite a bit of action. The "bowl" portion refers to the concave hillside the amphitheater is carved into.

Initially surveyed in 1919, the bowl opened as "Daisy Dell" on July 11, 1922, using little more than a stage, wooden benches, and the natural surroundings.

In 1927, Frank Lloyd Wright designed an acoustic band shell that only lasted one season (it was deemed to avant-garde). So the next year he designed another one.

The physical nature of the Hollywood Bowl has increasingly changed over the years. More bands have performed (and movie scenes shot) here than can be listed. Some noteworthy events were the Beatles performances here in '64/'65 (released as The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl) and the July 5, 1968 Doors concert that became a film and live album (The Doors, Live at the Hollywood Bowl).

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