924 gilman

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924 gilman
924 gilman st
berkeley, california 94710

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924 Gilman St has operated as a volunteer-run, all-ages independent music venue since December 31, 1986. Primarily a pop-punk and hardcore venue, many other genres have been featured at "The Gilman" in its 25 year history.

Also known as as The Gilman Street Project or Gilman Street, the venue has a strict rule against any band playing there who has ever signed to a major label.

Notably, the bands Operation Ivy, Green Day, and Rancid have been associated with this venue (all from the Bay area). Operation Ivy played their second show here, and their second to last show here (with Green Day opening), and a whole lot of other shows in-between. They also recorded their 7" EP '69 Newport here (named after their tour vehicle).

Operation Ivy at The Gilman- Acid maniac at wikipedia.org