the stinson house

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the stinson house
2215 bryant ave s.
minneapolis, minnesota 55405

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Bob Stinson used to live at this house in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis with his younger brother, Tommy. Around 1978, Bob bought Tommy a bass guitar to help keep him out of trouble, and the two started to practice with drummer Chris Mars.

Paul Westerberg was a janitor at a senator's office downtown, and he would walk by the house daily and hear them practicing. After auditioning a number of other singers, Westerberg was hired as lead vocals/second guitarist in 1979.

The group was initially called Dogbreath. They played one drunken show as The Impediments, and the promoter of the show threatened to have them banned from every venue in town. So they changed their name to The Replacements...

The cover of The Replacment's Let It Be was shot at this location.

At the house, The Replacements, Let It Be- photo: Dave Toedter
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