minnesota party tape

from bob dylan posted in music


minnesota party tape
740 15th avenue southeast
minneapolis, minnesota 55414

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This is the location of the Bob Dylan recording known as the "Minnesota Party Tape."

In 1960, teenager Cleve Petterson had purchased a reel-to-reel recorder. He hung out at the local coffee shop, and he asked a local folk musician to perform some songs. Bob Dylan agreed.

They went to this address, along with Bonnie Beecher, and "Cynthia"- another local musician and friend of Dylan's.

Petterson recorded and Dylan performed the following: "Blues Yodel No. 8," "Come See Jerusalem," "San Francisco Bay Blues," "I'm a Gambler," "Talkin' Merchant Marine," "Talkin' Hugh Brown," "Talkin' Lobbyist," "Red Rosey Bush," "Johnny I Hardly Knew You," "Jesus Christ," "Streets of Glory" and "K.C. Moan."

The recording can be heard at the Minnesota Historical Center.