the saint paul hotel

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This hotel was used as the exterior of Jan's (Lily Taylor) "chambermaid" job.

I guess the Saint Paul Hotel is supposed to be super nice, but I haven't been there.

I also don't know if the interiors were filmed on location or not.

You're welcome.

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nye’s polonaise

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This restaurant/cocktail lounge (named the "best bar in America" by Esquire magazine) was used as a location for the film Factotum.

In this scene, Chinaski (Matt Dillon) has met a new lady drinking budddy in Laura (Marisa Tomei). He spends his last couple dollars buying her a scotch. Guess what happens?

Nye's has two areas (bar and restaurant/lounge), and this scene was filmed in the bar side. Every Friday and Saturday, "The World's Most Dangerous Polka Band" play the bar.

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bradbury building

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Another historical Los Angeles building (this one dates back to 1893) that has been seen in a number of films including Chinatown, (500) Days of Summer and Lethal Weapon 4. The Bradbury Building is probably best known as J. F. Sebastian's apartment in Blade Runner as well the location of the rooftop fight between Roy Batty and Deckard.

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canterbury park

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This horse track in the suburb of Shakopee was the location for several scenes in Factotum.

One of the more memorable is when Chinaski (Matt Dillon) beats the stuffing out of a real estate agent who is much smaller than him. He did it all for love though.

Canterbury Downs has a great day each year where they race camels and ostriches. I won $30 here once

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one on one bike studio

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In the basement of One on One Bike Studio, they used to have a place affectionately called "the bike graveyard." I don't know if it is still there, but there were rows of bikes packed floor to ceiling. I got some sweet handlebars there for less than $10.

This location was used for the scene in Factotum when Chinaski (Matt Dillon) rails against the bike store owner.

Best line: "I gave you my time. And that's all any man has..."

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