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sanctum sanctorum

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Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich, both writers for Marvel comics, lived together at this address in the 1960s.

Thomas, who launched the Conan the Barbarian comic and wrote for Uncanny X-Men and The Avengers among many other titles, wrote an entire run of Dr. Strange from 1968-69. He gave Dr. Strange's fictional townhouse the address of his apartment at the time.

Thomas would eventually take over as editor-in-chief of Marvel in 1972 when Stan Lee became Marvel's publisher.

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sanctum sanctorum

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This address is the fictional location of Dr. Stephen Strange's lair, the Sanctum Sanctorum. The three-story brownstone in Greenwich Village is home to Strange and his manservant, Wong, as well part-time residents Clea (Strange's lover/apprentice) and apprentice sorcerer Rintrah.

The building has served as headquarters for both the New Avengers and the Defenders. The second floor are sleeping quarters for Strange, Wong, and guests. The third floor is the Sanctum Sanctorum specifically- Dr. Strange's occult library housing the Book of Vishanti and the Orb of Agamotto.

The Sanctum Sanctorum first appeared with Doctor Strange in his debut in Strange Tales #110 (July 1963).

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