city: west hollywood

bel age hotel

from vanilla ice, suge knight posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

Although Suge Knight's shakedown of Vanilla Ice didn't end up with Ice held from his 15th floor balcony by his ankles as the exaggerated version of story says, the record producer did pay a visit to Vanilla Ice in his Bel Age Hotel room after the success of "Ice Ice Baby" in 1989 demanding payment for the work his associate (either Mario "Chocolate" Johnson or Floyd ‘Earthquake’ Brown depending on who you ask) did on the record. When the dispute was settled in court, Suge Knight used the royalties to start Death Row Records with Dr. Dre which would go on to release The Chronic, Doggystyle and a bunch of albums by 2Pac.

The Bel Age on the Sunset Strip is now called the The London West Hollywood.

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ago restaurant

from quentin tarantino posted in movies by corporate_sunshine

Ago Restaurant is an upscale Italian (specializing in Tuscan) eatery in West Hollywood. The venture is owned jointly by chef Agostino Sciandri, actors Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken, producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and director Ridley Scott.

On October 27, 1997, Quentin Tarantino was going to have lunch with Harvey Weinstein, when he saw producer Don Murphy (Natural Born Killers) waiting for a table on a couch. Tarantino confronted Murphy for comments he made about him in the book Killer Instinct, and ended up slapping Murphy three times before being pulled off of him. Harvey Weinstein convinced Murphy not to press charges, and Tarantino was released from police custody.

Later, on The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show, Tarantino boasted that he ''bitch-slapped'' Murphy. Murphy sued for $5 million, and the case was settled out of court.

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mondrian hotel

from beastie boys posted in music by crabapple

When the Beastie Boys arrived in Los Angeles after leaving Def Jam Recordings in New York, they initially stayed on the ninth floor of the Modrian Hotel.

It was summertime, and across the street there were lines of people waiting to get into The Comedy Store. Never ones to let an opportunity pass, the BBoys decided to throw eggs at them from the ninth floor. This led to a series of "drive-by eggings, plaguing L.A." and is the subject of the Paul's Boutique song, "Egg Man."

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the extension

from jim morrison, the doors posted in music by pete_nice

Currently a car stereo store called Al & Ed's Autsound, this building was a strip club back in the late 60's called The Extension.

Since The Doors Workshop and his preferred motels (the Alta Cienega Motel and the Tropicana Motelwere in the area, Jim Morrison spent some time here.

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In the late 60's, Jim Morrison purchased a boutique for his long-time girlfriend Pam Courson. Named Themis, it featured fashions from around the world and became a hangout for Jim and Pam's circle of friends.

Up the stairs from this location is where the post-production of HWY took place, where Jim Morrison, Frank Lisciandro, Paul Ferrara and Babe Hill assembled an unwatchable film.

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