city: seattle

kurt cobain’s house

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Located in the upscale Denny-Blaine district of Seattle, Kurt and Courtney purchased this house for $1.130 million in January of 1994.

On April 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead by an electrician at this location in a room over the garage called "the greenhouse." It was estimated that his death occurred on April 5, 1994.

The are a number of conspiracy theories, but the death certificate concluded his death was a suicide.

The garage and "greenhouse" were bulldozed in 1996, and the home was sold by Courtney Love in 1997.

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the central saloon

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Established in 1892, The Central Saloon is Seattle’s oldest bar. It has survived Prohibition, earthquakes, and over a hundred years of patrons. In the 1960s, it was a hang-out for hippies and radicals. After that, it became a favorite place for indie rockers.

It is the last place the band Mother Love Bone played with singer Andrew Wood before his death on March 19, 1990.

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the edgewater hotel

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The Edgewater Hotel is a four-story, 223-room hotel on Pier 67 that is on Elliot Bay (part of the Puget Sound).

The Beatles stayed here on their American tour in 1964. Crazed Beatlemania fans tried to swim around a fence that had been erected to get in the hotel. There is a famous picture of the Beatles fishing out the window. Today, there is a Beatles themed suite to memorialize their stay.

This is also the home of the infamous Led Zeppelin mudshark incident, where members of the group and entourage "caught some 30 mudsharks and left them under beds, in closets, elevators, hallways, bathtubs and all over their rooms. They threw beds, TVs, mattresses, lamps, drapes, china and glassware into Elliott Bay."

Among other sordid allegations...

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eagles auditorium

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The building formerly known as the Eagles Auditorium is a seven-story theater and apartment building that was opened in the mid-1920s. It has had a long and eclectic history- Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke here in November 10, 1961 on his only visit to Seattle.

From the mid-1960s to 1970, it was a prominent rock venue, featuring shows from The Doors, the Grateful Dead, and Janis Joplin.

Today, it is on the National Register of Historic places and is home to the ACT Theater. The building been renamed the Kreielsheimer Place.

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pike place market

from woody guthrie, “spoonman” posted in music by pete_nice

This outdoor market has been a music-friendly spot for buskers for years. Woody Guthrie used to play on the street here, and so did Artis "Spoonman", the figure the 1994 Soundgarden song is about.

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