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north shore surf club

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On October 11, 1990, Dave Grohl played his first show with Nirvana at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, WA. It was epic.

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rosevear’s music center

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This building still exists (with the large Rosevear's sign above it), but the music shop has moved just down the street to 110 East Wishkah Street.

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smart studios

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This is the former location of Butch Vig's studio in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1990, Nirvana (Cobain, Novoselic and early drummer Chad Channing) recorded here what was intended to be a follow-up to Bleach for Sub Pop Records. "Polly" was the only song recorded at Smart Studios to make it onto what would become Nevermind. Butch Vig would end up producing that album for them when the band signed to DGC Records, but it was recorded in California.

The studio, which Vig co-founded in 1983 along with future Garbage guitarist Steve Marker, closed in May 2010. Other bands who had recorded/mixed there include Smashing Pumpkins, Archers of Loaf and of course Garbage.

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cactus restaurant

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This restaurant was one of the last places Kurt Cobain was seen alive, prior to his death in April of 1994. His former home, where his body was found, is nearby on Lake Washington Blvd.

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cobain’s first house in seattle

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This address was Kurt Cobain's first house when he moved to Seattle. The video for "Sliver" was shot here.

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