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from factotum posted in movies by crabapple

This men's tailor shop was used as a set in the film Factotum. The scene is when Chinaski decides to get some nice threads after a series of winnings at the horse track. Located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.

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former 9th and hennepin building

from factotum posted in movies by crabapple

The site of several scenes in the movie Factotum, the building at 9th and Hennepin used to be a low-rent apartment building. The cage between the counter and lobby area was already there. Rooms were rented by the week, and there was a pornography shop in the basement.

This building is reportedly where Tom Waits lived when he stayed in Minneapolis, and is referenced by his song, "9th and Hennepin."

Today, it has been completely renovated and is a boutique hotel and an upscale restaurant.

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kay bank studios

from the trashmen posted in music by donkeyoti

Don't you know? The Bird's the word.

The Trashmen recorded "Surfin' Bird" here in 1963, and ended up making it to #4 on the charts. Also recorded here was Fendermen's "Muleskinner Blues", Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road", and The Castaways' "Liar, Liar".

Later, the Ramones would cover this song. And the Cramps. And Peter Griffin.

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old sound 80 studios

from bob dylan, cat stevens, the suburbs posted in music by donkeyoti

The old Sound 80 Studios were housed on this location. Bob Dylan was set to release "Blood on the Tracks" in late 1974, and then suddenly decided to re-record a significant amount of the album here with local set musicians.

The legends surrounding that decision and those sessions would probably make a great documentary, if it hasn't already been made.

Cat Stevens recorded Izitso here, and other alums include The Suburbs, The Suicide Commandoes, and Dave Brubeck.

Today, the sight is still breaking sonic barriers. Orfield Laboratories has on the premises an anechoic chamber that was certifed as "the quietest place on earth" (measured at −9.4 dBA) by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005.

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twintone records

from ween posted in music by prof_improbable

I don't know much about this location, except it is listed on the letter head inside the liner notes of my "God Ween Satan" cd.

I know that TwinTone Records put out over 300 records between 1977 and 1994. One of them is the album "God Ween Satan", so that alone is worth noting.

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