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shun lee palace east

from the search for general tso (2014) posted in movies by prof_improbable

Also opened by Michael Tong in 1972, the Shun Lee Palace claims to have the first version of General Tso's Chicken in the United States, prepared by their cook, Chef T.T. Wang.

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shun lee dynasty

from the search for general tso (2014) posted in movies by prof_improbable

The first time Hunan- and Szechuan-style Chinese food was available to the U.S. customers was through the Shun Lee Dynasty restaurant, opened in Manhattan by restaurateur Michael Tong in 1972.

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downtown bob dylan mural

from bob dylan posted in art and design by prof_improbable

Located at the corner of 5th St & Hennepin Ave S in Minneapolis, this 5-story mural was completed by by Brasilian artist Eduardo Kobra and crew.

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scourmount abbey

from beer, brewing, chimay posted in history by prof_improbable

The life in this monastery is characterized by prayer, reading, and labor. Not a bad day if you get to drink Chimay Ale, which has been made at this Trappist monastery since 1862.

The brothers use the profits from the operation to support their monastery and surrounding charities.

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the hart house

from the hart foundation, bret hart posted in pro wrestling by prof_improbable

This house, originally built in 1902, has 22 rooms, four fireplaces and 5 chandeliers- but the main feature is the dungeon in the basement.

Purchased by Stu Hart in 1951, the amateur wrestler and promoter turned the basement of the house into a wrestling training center. The Hart Family Dungeon became the center of Stampede Wrestling (Stu's wrestling company) and a legendary wrestling school.

The house was sold by the remaining Hart siblings after Stu's death in 2003, and it was declared a municipal heritage site by the city of Calgary in 2012.

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