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america’s first spy ring

from turn: washington’s spies (2014) posted in television by crabapple

Much of the action in the first episode of AMC's American Revolutionary War-era drama Turn is centered around the Long Island town of Setauket, NY.

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flamingo trailer court

from sufjan stevens posted in music by ratsnamgod

"My grandmother lived in the Pink Flamingo Trailer Park in Farmington. When we would visit, she would give us cinnamon candies that she kept in a glass dish, but she'd give us just one. She had poor vision, so I would stuff my pockets as full as I could with them." - Sufjan Stevens

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utah valley university

from home of the brave posted in radio by pete_nice

Writer/producer Scott Carrier starts teaching journalism at the Utah Valley University campus in the "Najibullah in America" episode of Home of the Brave.

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begich towers

from this american life posted in radio by pete_nice

In Episode #555 of This American Life, the third act features a story about a family that moves into this building to start a church in the basement. The majority of the town lives in this single building.

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gandhi smriti

from mahatma gandhi posted in history by pete_nice

Mahatma Gandhi lived at this location (then called the Birla House) for the last 144 days of his life, until he was assassinated here on January 30, 1948. He was 78 years old.

Originally the home of a wealthy Indian family, the Birla House was transformed into the Gandhi Smriti (or Gandhi Remembrance)- a museum and shrine to the slain political and spiritual leader.

The Martyr's Column marks the location where the fifth assassination attempt on Gandhi ended his life.

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