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cosmic cup

from wes anderson, kumar pallana posted in movies by pete_nice

Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson used to frequent the Cosmic Cup, a coffee shop and arts hangout in Dallas. The owner of the shop, Kumar Pallana, was a former vaudeville performer and actor. He would go on to star in several Wes Anderson features, as well as other films.

Kumar died on October 10, 2013 at the age of 94. The store has been renamed the Cosmic Cafe.

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mr. charlie’s burger factory

from wes anderson, bottle rocket (1992) posted in movies by pete_nice

The gang recounts their book store robbery and relaxes with some burgers at Mr. Charlie's in Wes Anderson's short student film Bottle Rocket (1992). The short was extended (and colorized) for the 1996 feature, Bottle Rocket.

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grandhotel pupp

from the grand budapest hotel, wes anderson posted in movies by pete_nice

Although the actual hotel exterior of Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel is a miniature, the structure and style draw heavily from the Grandhotel Popp in the Czech Republic for inspiration.

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bar luce

from wes anderson posted in movies by nevereatshreddedwheat

Director Wes Anderson designed this cafè as part of the art complex Fondazione Prada that opened in Milan in May 2015. It showcases the familiar elements of his iconic style (bright colors, geometric furniture, probably some futura somewhere) along with two movie-themed pinball games, one for The Life Aquatic and another for his short film Castello Cavalcanti financed by Prada in 2013.

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brown’s hotel

from ralph fiennes, the grand budapest hotel posted in movies by pete_nice

Actor Ralph Fiennes worked as a porter at this posh hotel before he started being in the pictures. He would reprise his previous career when he played the concierge, M. Gustave, in the Wes Anderson The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014).

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