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mo’s lounge

from the pixies; the breeders posted in music by ratsnamgod

Kim & Kelley Deal's first gig.

"The first time I ever sang a song in front of anybody was 'Carwash'"
- Kim Deal

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the magic castle

from the florida project posted in movies by ratsnamgod

Halley & Moonee's home.

Guests love the wonderful staff. They claim it to be very clean and they love its great location. Thanks booking.com!

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the walled off hotel

from banksy posted in art and design by pete_nice

Tom Waits also contributed to the player piano at The Walled Off Hotel with an instrumental version of "Innocent When You Dream."

Hear the song and see the interior with captivating artwork here.

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nathan bateman’s house

from ex machina posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

For 1750 Norwegian Kroner (roughly $200) you can spend a night in the home of Ex Machina’s reclusive tech billionaire Nathan Bateman.

The Juvet Landscape Hotel features nine stand-alone rooms designed to feel integrated into the natural environment along with a spa area, a farmhouse for large gatherings and (as far as I know) no scheming, murderous A.I.

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bridgewater state hospital

from titicut follies (1967) posted in movies by prof_improbable

In the mid-60's, filmmakers Frederick Wiseman and John Marshall spent 29 days at the horrific Bridgewater State Hospital in Bridgewater, MA.

The resulting documentary is the cinéma vérité classic, Titicut Follies.

The film shocked audiences with its unfiltered depictions of the brutal treatment of patient-inmates. It also launched Wiseman's career: making exposé documentaries about social institutions in a style of direct cinema that could be best described as "a fly on the wall" filmmaking.

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