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burbank burger king

from back to the future (1985) posted in movies by pete_nice

Marty skitches a truck's bumper outside this Burger King in the first installment of Back to the Future. The franchise is still open.

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corsier-sur-vevey cemetery

from charlie chaplin posted in movies by donkeyoti

On December 27, 1977, Sir Charles (Charlie) Chaplin was laid to rest after suffering a stroke in his sleep. He was 88 years old.

Shortly thereafter, on March 1, 1978, Chaplin's body was corpse-napped and held for ransom. The bandits demanded $600,000 for the return of The Tramp's remains.

The two immigrants who perpetrated the body snatching were arrested in May of that year. Both did time for the unauthorized exhumation and later apologized to the family. Chaplin was re-interred, only this time with a cement slab over his grave.

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apache drive-in (closed)

from back to the future iii (1990) posted in movies by pete_nice

Doc Brown plans with Marty to drive the DeLorean travel back to 1985 from the Pohatchee Drive-In Theater outside of Hill Valley in the third installment of the Back to the Future trilogy.

The scene was shot at the Apache Drive-In in Globe, AZ, which closed in 2013.

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mount tabor

from christianity, jesus posted in history by donkeyoti

Jesus was palling around with three disciples (Peter, James and John) while hiking a mountain, when suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared in a blinding radiance around Jesus. Then the voice of God called him Son...so all and all, it was a pretty significant trundle.

This event in Christianity is referred to as the "Transfiguration of Jesus", and it has been interpreted several different ways. Some believe that the transfiguring is the revealing of the divine to human sense perception. Another is the revelation that Jesus is the Son of God. Another still is that this really tees things up for a Crucifixion/Resurrection.

The Transfiguration event ranks much higher in the Eastern Orthodox greatest hits, but the Western church honors it through a number of celebrations.

One of the hypothesized locations for the Transfiguration is at Mount Tabor, where there are currently two churches (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox) dedicated to Transfiguration on the summit.

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ivy hill cemetery

from space exploration, rocket science posted in technology by pete_nice

Famed German/American scientist and rocket-man Werner von Braun is buried at the Ivy Hill Cemetery.

He died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 65 on June 16, 1977.

"Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation. Everything science has taught me, and continues to teach me, strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death."- Werner von Braun

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