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american literary historical center (former)

from three days of the condor posted in movies by pete_nice

The American Literary Historical Center serves as a CIA front at this location in the 1975 film, Three Days of the Condor. Joseph Turner (Robert Redford) is the "reader" turned unlikely hero when he comes back from lunch to find all his co-workers murdered.

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hotel relais bourgondisch cruyce

from in bruges posted in movies by pete_nice

This 4-star hotel was the filming location for the bed & breakfast where Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) hole up after a hit job and wait to hear from their anger-prone boss, Harry (Ralph Fiennes) in the 2008 crime-comedy film, In Bruges.

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pacific park

from kidz bop posted in music by ratsnamgod

In 2012, the Kidz Bop kids sassed up an amusement park for a day to film a video for their tame, kid-friendly version of an already tame, kid-friendly hit "Call Me Maybe".

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iowa house hotel

from raymond carver, john cheever posted in literature by donkeyoti

John Cheever and Raymond Carver taught at the Iowa Writer's Workshop at the same time in 1973.

From a Paris Review article:

"When we were teaching in the Iowa Writers' Workshop in the fall semester of 1973, he and I did nothing but drink. I mean we met our classes, in a manner of speaking. But the entire time we were there—we were living in this hotel they have on campus, the Iowa House—I don't think either of us ever took the covers off our typewriters. We made trips to a liquor store twice a week in my car."

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“i’m waiting for the man” intersection

from the velvet underground posted in music by ratsnamgod

"I'm waiting for my man /
Twenty-six dollars in my hand /
Up to Lexington, 125 /
Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive /
I'm waiting for my man"

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