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ramones “cretin bop”

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Legend has it, the Ramones were driving around in St. Paul and were trying to find a place to eat. They drove by Cretin-Derham School, and imagined a dance there. Hence, the "Cretin Bop" on the album Rocket to Russia.

From Hey Ho! The Ramones Anthology by David Fricke: Joey Ramone said, "Cretin Hop came from when we were in St. Paul, Minnesota. We went some place to eat and there were just all these cretins all over the place. And there was a Cretin Avenue, where we drove into the city."

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former location of uptown bar

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This is the former location of the Uptown Bar. A legendary greasy spoon and rock venue, the Uptown Bar featured such acts as the Replacements, Husker Du, and many others. It also served remarkably tasty skillets. Some of my favorite Sunday mornings were spent here hung over with all the other sinners. Now it is an Apple store. We miss you, Uptown Bar.

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replacements’ guitarist deathplace

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Bob Stinson, lead guitarist for the legendary rock band the Replacements, died in an apartment above this address on 2/18/95.
Despite reports to the contrary, Stinson did not die of an overdose, but as the coroner reported, "...rather his body simply wore out after years of abuse."

This location is referenced in Chuck Klosterman's, "Killing Yourself to Live."


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Gwar guitarist, Corey Smoot (aka Flattus Maximus), was found passed away in his bunk in the tour bus of this border town gas station on 11/3/11.

A statement from the band said, "Flattus has decided to return to his beloved 'Planet Home', and will never return to this mudball planet again. And this is a sadder place for that."


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