the bag of nails (former)

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the bag of nails (former)
9 kingly street
london, united kingdom w1b 5ph

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The Bag of Nails pub was a legendary rock venue/celebrity hangout in the 1960s.

Jimi Hendrix played his first gig in London here. It's also wear he met the guitar tech wiz Roger Mayer. Mayer introduced Hendrix to the Octavia, a sound pedal he had invented that added an octave overtone to the original note. Hendrix loved the sound and used it on the solo for "Purple Haze." Mayer became Hendrix's sound technician.

Paul McCartney met Linda on May 15, 1967 at the Bag of Nails while watching Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames perform. Fleetwood Mac's John and Christine McVie first met at this pub as well.

Today, the location is a private member's club named Miranda.