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buddy holly’s grave

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After the plane crash in Iowa, Buddy Holly was buried in the City of Lubbock Cemetery. Born Charles Hardin Holley, Buddy's last name is spelled "Holley" on the marker.

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norman petty recording studio

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Norman Petty, along with his wife Vi and guitarist Jack Vaughn, hit it big in 1956 with the tune "Mood Indigo." The single sold half a million copies, and he used part of the proceeds to build this studio.

Petty went on to record numerous artists at the studio: Roy Orbison, Buddy Knox, Waylon Jennings, Charlie "Sugartime" Phillips, Sonny West, Carolyn Hester, Terry Noland and Buddy Holly.

Several of Buddy Holly's most famous tracks were recorded at this studio, and Petty served not only as the recording engineer, but also as Holly's manager, and ultimately the executor of Holly's unfinished work after he died unexpectedly in a plane crash.

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