old sound 80 studios

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old sound 80 studios
2709 e 25th st.
minneapolis, minnesota 55406

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The old Sound 80 Studios were housed on this location. Bob Dylan was set to release "Blood on the Tracks" in late 1974, and then suddenly decided to re-record a significant amount of the album here with local set musicians.

The legends surrounding that decision and those sessions would probably make a great documentary, if it hasn't already been made.

Cat Stevens recorded Izitso here, and other alums include The Suburbs, The Suicide Commandoes, and Dave Brubeck.

Today, the sight is still breaking sonic barriers. Orfield Laboratories has on the premises an anechoic chamber that was certifed as "the quietest place on earth" (measured at −9.4 dBA) by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005.

bob dylan, blood on the tracks