plymell and ginsberg’s apartment

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plymell and ginsberg's apartment
1403 gough street
san francisco, california 94109

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After Beat generation mascot Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty in On the Road) divorced from his wife Carolyn in 1963, he went to live with his poet buddy Allen Ginsberg and his poet/writer/drug-enthusiast roommate Charles Plymell at this address.

A hipster and experience czar from Kansas, Plymell would go on to publish the first issue of the underground Zap Comix, an early example of counter-culture underground comics. According to lore, R. Crumb's wife, Dana, sold the first issue of Zap by peddling the comic out of a baby stoller around Haight-Ashbury.

Zap Comix #1, Feb. 1968. Art by R. Crumb.
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