city: los angeles

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bighead’s incubator

from silicon valley posted in television by pete_nice

Bighead has his incubator set up at this posh home in season 3, episode 4 of Silicon Valley.

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pico garden market

from the greasy strangler posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

According to noted bullshit artist Big Ronnie on his Disco Tour, 'this very store here is where Kool from Kool & the Gang worked before he exploded onto the disco scene.'

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people’s temple of the disciples of christ

from jim jones, people’s temple, jonestown posted in history by pete_nice

Built in 1912 for the First Church of Christ, Scientist denomination, this church was taken over by the Peoples Temple in 1972. Although their spiritual headquarters was in San Francisco at the time, the organization used this location for recruitment.

The building was abandoned when the Peoples Temple made their exodus to Guyana. Today, the building is the home to Iglesia Adventista Central church.

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hollywood high school

from john ritter, carol burnett posted in television by pete_nice

There is a 50 ft mural of John Ritter on the exterior of Hollywood High School (class of '66).

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sobchak security

from the big lebowski (1998) posted in movies by pete_nice

The Dude picks up Walter at his security business before they make their ransom drop at "the wood bridge."

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