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first chipotle restaurant

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After Steve Ells graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, he worked as a line cook at Stars in San Francisco. He noticed the popularity of taquerías and San Francisco burritos in the area, and in 1993 he went to Denver to open the first Chipotle burrito restaurant near the University of Denver campus.

His goal was to sell 107 burritos a day to make enough money to open a fine dining establishment. Instead, the new restaurant began selling 1,000 burritos a day. Chipotle quickly expanded, and the concept of fast casual dining has been introduced to mainstream America: food of a higher quality than fast food, but does include table service.

Today, Chipotle has over 1500 locations and a market capitalization (as of this writing) of $15.23 billion.

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pet sounds studio

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The Pet Sounds Recording Studio (sometimes called Pet Sounds Studio or Pet Sounds, after the Beach Boys' album of the same name) was a recording studio orginally located Denver, Colorado. Founded by Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo and Jim McIntyre of Von Hemmling, several Elephant 6 albums were recorded in the studio, including the critically acclaimed Neutral Milk Hotel album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and several The Apples in Stereo albums.

Pet Sounds Studio is sometimes referred to as The Elephant 6 Recording Company in the liner notes of albums from bands within the Elephant 6 collective (a group of like-minded musicians creating independent music). Several of the musicians are also involved with the Orange Twin Records label.

The house that the studio was located in was demolished in 1999.

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