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Elvis Presley’s family moved to Memphis, TN from Tupelo, MS in search of a better life.  The young Elvis would have been 13 years old when he arrived in Memphis on September 12, 1948.  The city of Memphis became synonymous with Elvis, and a number of locations from those early days (before Elvis became an icon) still survive today.  Here is a list of Elvis-related locations in the Memphis area.



Memphis, TN

  • 572 Poplar Ave– The Presley’s moved into a one-bedroom apartment here after arriving in Memphis on September 12, 1948.  They moved from here to the Lauderdale Courts on September 20, 1949.  Today, it’s a vacant lot.
  • Lauderdale Courts– The low-income housing project in downtown Memphis where the Presley’s moved to in September of 1949.  They stayed here until 1952.  Their apartment (#328) can be rented for the night by fans.
  • 698 Saffrans Ave– The Presley’s lived in this boarding house for a couple of months at the end of 1952.
  • 398 Cypress Ave– The Presley family moved here on January 7, 1953 until April of the same year.
  • 462 Alabama Ave– The location of the apartment that the Presley’s were living at when Elvis made his first recording at the Memphis Recording Service.  Torn down for I-40.  They lived here from April of 1953 to November of 1954.
  • 2414 Lamar Ave– An apartment that the Presley’s lived in that is now a business.  They lived here from the end of 1954 to mid-1955.
  • 1414 Getwell Rd- The last apartment the Presley’s lived in before by their home at 1034 Audubon Dr.
  • 1034 Audubon Dr– The first house Elvis purchased, and the last location of the Presley’s prior to moving into Graceland.
  • Graceland– Elvis purchased this property in 1957 for $102,000 from Ruth Brown Moore. The purchase price included trading in his 1034 Audubon Dr house. Elvis died at Graceland in 1977.
  • Humes High School– Although today it’s a middle school, Elvis graduated from Humes High School on June 3, 1953.
  • Coletta’s Italian Restaurant– Where the King used to eat barbeque pizza.
  • Sun Studios– Legendary recording studio in Memphis where Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and many more got started.
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