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the andy warhol museum

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Plans for The Andy Warhol Museum were announced in 1989, and the museum opened its doors in May 1994.

The collection includes 900 paintings; approximately 100 sculptures; nearly 2,000 works on paper; more than 1,000 published and unique prints; 77 sculptures; and 4,000 photographs. The film & video collection includes 60 feature films, 200 of Warhol’s Screen Tests and more than 4,000 videos.

The building that houses the museum was built in 1911 as a distribution center for products sold to mills and mines, and the Warhol Museum was designed by architect Richard Gluckman and features seven floors of gallery and exhibition space.

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andy warhol was shot here

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In 1968, Andy moved the Factory to the sixth floor of the Decker Building, 33 Union Square West, near Max's Kansas City, a club Warhol and his entourage would frequently visit.

On June 3, 1968, Valerie Solanas visited the Factory, looking for Warhol, who she felt was taking control of her screenplay away from her. She waited until Warhol returned around 4pm. Within a few minutes, she shot Warhol three times, seriously wounding him, as well as shooting Mario Amaya. Solanas turned herself in to the police a few hours later. In 1996, an indie film was made depicting the surrounding events called I Shot Andy Warhol starring Lili Taylor and Jared Harris.

Around 1970, Warhol built a video camera system and taped his visitors and documented the activities around the studio.

Warhol's studio remained at this address until he moved locations in 1973.

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andy warhol’s the factory

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From 1962 to 1968, Andy Warhol rented a studio space on the fifth floor of the former building at this location. For a rent of "only about one hundred dollars a year," Warhol's studio was a hive of activity. He employed a number of friends, artists, drug addicts, performers, musicians, and anybody else willing to help with his numerous creative projects. There was an assembly line style screen-printing operation to churn out prints.

The walls of this location were coated with tin foil, leading to the other nickname of the studio, "The Silver Factory." The studio was a meeting place for artists and musicians, and Warhol collaborated with The Velvet Underground & Nico for the cover of their 1967 studio album.

In 1968, Warhol changed location of the studio, and the building that housed the original Factory no longer exists.

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banksy’s naked man hanging from a window

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Banksy's 'naked man hanging from a window' can be viewed from Park Street in Banksy's home town of Bristol.

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one of buckminster fuller’s first geodesic domes

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In 1953, Buckminster Fuller was commissioned by the architect of the Nautilus Motor Inn in Woods Hole to design a building for the Inn's restaurant. The geodesic dome that Fuller constructed with the help of his students in 1954 is his oldest surviving geodesic dome and one of the first built for commercial use.

The Dome Restaurant closed in 2002, and as of 2008, there were plans for Fuller's grandnephew to oversee the restoration of the building.

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