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university high school

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This home of the Wildcats serves as the filming location for George Michael and Maeby's high school in Arrested Development.

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daunt books

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Daunt Books is a London bookstore known for its luminescent skylights and eclectic collection.

Garrison Keillor was inspired to open his bookstore at a new location after visiting Daunt Books.

According to a Star Tribune article: "You're sort of overwhelmed by the beauty of it. To someone of my age, who grew up loving books, that's a powerful thing."

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common good books

from garrison keillor posted in literature by elvis_crabs

Originally opened in 2006 at the Blair Street Arcade in St. Paul, Common Good Books moved to this new storefront on April 9, 2012.

Owned by Garrison Keillor, author of several books and host of A Prairie Home Companion, Common Good Books is located near the campus of Macalester College.

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six gallery (former)

from allen ginsberg, howl posted in literature by elvis_crabs

Started by a group of artists and writers in San Francisco, the Six Gallery was a small art gallery in a former auto repair shop.

Most notably, the gallery was the site of a famous poetry reading on October 7, 1955. Conceived by the artist Wally Hendrik, the "Gallery Six reading" (or Six Angels in the Same Performance) was a reading by six poets and writers that was one of the first public presentations by the Beat Generation.

At this reading, Allen Ginsberg first read his seminal poem, Howl. In attendance, a drunken Jack Kerouac yelled "Yeah! Go!", while Neal Cassady passed around a wine jug and a collection plate. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who was also there, telegrammed Ginsberg the next day and offered to publish the work.

The Beats kept coming...

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shake rag (or shakerag)

from elvis presley posted in music by elvis_crabs

Elvis and his family lived near this predominantly African-American neighborhood in Tupelo. The Mississippi Blues Commission put a sign here in 2003 that reads as follows:

"Shake Rag, located east of the old M&O (later GM&O) railway tracks and extending northward from Main Street, was one of several historic African American communities in Tupelo. By the 1920s blues and jazz flowed freely from performers at Shake Rag restaurants, cafes, and house parties, and later from jukeboxes, while the sounds of gospel music filled the churches. The neighborhood was leveled and its residents relocated during an urban renewal project initiated in the late 1960s."

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