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hotel where kurt cobain overdosed in 94

from nirvana, kurt cobain, courtney love posted in music by stokazz

The Exelcior Hotel in Via Veneto is where Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love stayed in February 1994 a few days after Nirvana's gig in Palaghiaccio di Marino (22 of February 1994). Courtney Love found Kurt sensless (he was in a coma) in his hotel room after he had attempted suicide by taking Roipnol and Champaigne. He was taken to the Umberto I hospital first then to a private clinic. Two months later he would commit suicide in his house in Seattle.

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rino gaetano car accident

from rino gaetano posted in music by stokazz

34 year old singer Rino Gaetano died in a car accident June 2nd 1981 in this spot. His car impacted with a truck coming the opposite direction.

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