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mo’s lounge

from the pixies; the breeders posted in music by ratsnamgod

Kim & Kelley Deal's first gig.

"The first time I ever sang a song in front of anybody was 'Carwash'"
- Kim Deal

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universal coney island

from t baby posted in music by ratsnamgod

In 2006, Mason Graham was shot & killed at this restaurant while trying to break up a fight. The incident inspired his friend LaTonya Myles, AKA T Baby, to create her video "It's So Cold in the D". The song has gained such popularity, it is covered by touring artists, such as Usher & New Kids on the Block, during their Detroit concerts.

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flamingo trailer court

from sufjan stevens posted in music by ratsnamgod

"My grandmother lived in the Pink Flamingo Trailer Park in Farmington. When we would visit, she would give us cinnamon candies that she kept in a glass dish, but she'd give us just one. She had poor vision, so I would stuff my pockets as full as I could with them." - Sufjan Stevens

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pacific park

from kidz bop posted in music by ratsnamgod

In 2012, the Kidz Bop kids sassed up an amusement park for a day to film a video for their tame, kid-friendly version of an already tame, kid-friendly hit "Call Me Maybe".

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“i’m waiting for the man” intersection

from the velvet underground posted in music by ratsnamgod

"I'm waiting for my man /
Twenty-six dollars in my hand /
Up to Lexington, 125 /
Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive /
I'm waiting for my man"

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