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space adventures

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Founded by Eric Anderson in 1998 (two years after he graduated college), Space Adventures specializes in space tourism. Specifically, the company books passage on Russian spaceflights for space tourists and organizes all the necessary training.

Space Adventures had the world's first space tourist, entrepreneur Dennis Tito, as a client in 2001. They continue to plan for zero-G flights, suborbital and orbital spaceflights, and hope to provide the world's first private lunar mission.

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ge electronics park (former)

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Back in 1962, this was the campus for the Syracuse wing of General Electric. Constructed in 1945-1946, the original buildings housed a number of research facilities.

In 1962 at Electronics Laboratory Building #3, Nick Holonyak did the initial work and created the first light emitting diode (or LED). Fifty years later, the LED light bulb is now the most energy efficient light bulb on the market: LED light bulbs take 6-8 watts to power, versus 60 watts for an incandescent and 13-15 for a comparable CFL. Also, they are supposed to last for 10 million years.

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launch site of sputnik

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On October 4, 1957, the USSR kicked off the space race with the launch of the first satellite, the adorable Sputnik (aptly, Russian for "satellite").

The People's sphere was 22 inches (56 cm) in diameter, weighed 184 pounds (83 kg), and circled the Earth once every 96 minutes at 18,000 mph (29,000 kph). This little ball of Soviet sunshine transmitted a radio signal as its orbit fluctuated between 143 and 584 miles (230-940 km) above the earth. It continued to do so until its orbit degraded and burnt up in the proletariat flames of the atmosphere in January of 1958.

Located in the desert steppe of Kazakhstan, this facility was known as the Tyuratam launch base in the 50s (named after the nearby rail station). These days, the facility is rented from the Kazakhstan government by the Russians and is known as the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

All manned Russian spaceflights are currently launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

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wardenclyffe laboratory

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steve jobs statue

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In the third district of Budapest at Graphisoft Park, a statue of Steve Jobs was unveiled in December of 2011 (just two months after his death).

The statue, created by Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth, features a 6 1/2 foot bronze version of Jobs wearing jeans, turtleneck, round spectacles, and an outstretched hand that kind of looks like an eagle's talon.

Gabor Bojar, the founder of Graphisoft, commissioned the sculpture days after Job's death. Apple had offered support to the architectural software firm, lending Graphisoft cash and computers, since Jobs saw them at a German trade expo in 1984.

View photos of the statue here.

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