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apple campus #1

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Apple's headquarters are located in Cupertino, CA on 1 Infinite Loop. The current campus was built in 1993, while Steve Jobs was not the CEO. It currently covers 32 acres over six four-floor buildings.

On June 7 2011, then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave a presentation to Cupertino City Council, detailing plans for a second campus that has not been created yet.

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steve job’s childhood home

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Steve Jobs moved to this home with his parents in 1960 when he was five years old. In 1969, he met fellow computer enthusiast Steve Wozniak.

Together in 1975 they started assembling Apple Computers in the garage of this location, and by 1976 they had started Apple Computer Inc.

Architecturally, the home is a Joseph Eichler-built house, one of 11,000 built in California during a 25-year period. The homes are noted for standardized, yet expressive design. The design tends to have unadorned surfaces, clean lines, and emphasizes modernity.

Eichler himself grew up in a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian house-- a series of contemporary homes designed for the “everyman” (Wright's term). While Eichler's style differed from Wright's, the moralistic goal of democratizing good and elegant design was an imperative for both of them.

It could be postulated there are some parallels, or at least a continuity, to Steve Job's design ethos.

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tejon ranch company

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The Tejon Ranch is a 270,000 acre ranch located an hour north of Los Angeles. At 422 square miles, it is the largest contiguous piece of private property in California, and is about 40% the size of the state of Rhode Island. Many films have been shot here, including when Daniel-san is training while Mr. Miyagi fishes.

The Tejon Ranch Co. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: TRC).

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leo carillo state beach

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Leo Carillo State Beach was used for all of the beach scenes in the 1984 classic The Karate Kid: Daniel playing soccer, the Cobra Kai kids beating Daniel up, and the training sequence where Daniel-san is practicing his crane kick on the pole.

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orient express restaurant

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This filming location from The Karate Kid was featured in the scene where Daniel and his mother are having lunch at The Orient Express Restaurant. The location is now called Express Night Club.

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