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twin palms

from frank sinatra posted in music by pete_nice

Ol' Blue Eyes was definitely a trend-setter with this example of Desert Modernism: Twin Palms. Originally wanting a Georgian mansion in the desert, the architectural firm of E. Stewart Williams convinced Frank to go with something a bit more location appropriate. The result is a late 40's construction of low clean angles, wide windows, and desert views.

Twin Palms can be your vacation home for the low price of $2,600 a night. Martinis not included.

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delta blues museum

from delta blues, muddy waters posted in music by pete_nice

Established in 1979 and re-organized as a stand-alone museum in 1999, the Delta Blues Museum is a place "where visitors find meaning, value, and perspective by exploring the history and heritage of the unique American musical art form of the blues."

Notably, the museum houses the shack where Muddy Waters spent his youth on the Stovall Plantation.

The museum has been located in a former railroad depot since 1999. The building, constructed circa 1918, served as the passenger rail depot of the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad.

Across the street is Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero blues club.

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mirador de la flor

from selena posted in music by pete_nice

From Wikipedia:

Mirador de la Flor ("Lookout of the Flower") is a monument in Corpus Christi, Texas that was unveiled in 1997 to honor Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, the Tejano singer who was murdered by her assistant and head of her fan club Yolanda Saldívar, two years earlier at the age of 23.

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susi earnshaw theatre school

from amy winehouse posted in music by pete_nice

Founded in 1989 by journalist Susi Earnshaw and her musician husband David Earnshaw, this full-time private school specializes in academics and performing arts in Barnet, North London.

In 1992, Amy Winehouse attended the school after being urged to do so by her grandmother. Winehouse attended the school on Sundays for four years, taking vocal lessons and learning how to tap dance.

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the cobden club

from amy winehouse posted in music by pete_nice

Named after but unaffiliated with a political gentlemen's club that existed from 1886 to the 1970s, the Cobden Club was a bar/restaurant that opened its doors in 1996 and closed in the 2010s.

Amy Winehouse had a regular weekly gig at the club singing jazz standards in the early 2000s.

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