mayor’s office

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After the scene where Chinaski (Matt Dillon) demands his paycheck for cleaning a statue for one day, he is sent to the office of the boss. The set is the St. Paul mayor's office. So if you are looking for a place to shoot, you might wanna keep that in mind.

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joe fox’s apartment

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Remember those romantic comedies Tom Hanks used to make? One of them was "You've Got Mail" (co-starring Meg Ryan). Joe Fox's (Hanks) apartment is at 152 Riverside Drive. In the film, his AOL handle is NY152.

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biograph theater

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Place of death of John Dillinger. Filmed on location. Also can be seen in the extended scenes of High Fidelity.

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Sure you haven't...

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osowski’s flea market

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Osowski's Flea Market served as the location of the flea market in Kevin Smith's film Mallrats.

It's open from mid-May to September. No word on if there are topless fortune tellers there.

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