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tesla gigafactory

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The Tesla Gigafactory, located in the Nevada desert east of Reno/Sparks, will be larger than all of the other lithium-ion battery factories combined.

Using geothermal, wind and solar energy, the Gigafactory will "be energy self-sufficient."

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blue origin launch site

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Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos is in the rocket game as well. His company, Blue Origin, has a launch site in west Texas near the town of Van Horn.

Specializing in VTVL (Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing) technology, the team has been making advances in suborbital rocketry (video here).

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oculus vr headquarters

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The headquarters for the Oculus VR company is located at this address in Irvine, CA.

Founded in 2012, the Oculus VR company is the outcome of CEO's Palmer Luckey's work to create a consumer form of immersive interactivity.

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minuteman missile national historic site

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During the Cold War, numerous missile silos were created throughout North America and the Soviet Union. The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is a preserved example of the operational missile sites, with nukes!

The sites were constructed in 1961. Part of the 44th Missile Wing, the D-01 and D-09 ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) silos were commissioned to deter a Soviet nuclear attack by ensuring mutual assured destruction (MAD).

Today, the facilities are a Cold War museum, and also represent the only remaining intact components of a nuclear missile field that once consisted of 150 Minuteman II missiles, 15 launch control centers, and covered over 13,500 square miles (35,000 km2) of southwestern South Dakota. The silos were decommissioned by the signing of the START treaty in 1991, and designated a national park in 1999.

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alcor life extension foundation

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The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the largest cryonics organization in the world today. With 12 full-time employees, Alcor has 975 members with 112 members currently in a state of cryopreservation, with 76 of those members in a state of brain preservation, preserved perpetually by liquid nitrogen.

This is where the head of baseball player Ted Williams is preserved.

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