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rundown studios

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Towards the end of his 1977 tour, Bob Dylan called Rob Stoner (bassist for the Rolling Thunder Revue) and asked him to help assemble a band to rehearse for the next tour.

Dylan rented space at this address in Santa Monica, and named it for the general condition of the neighborhood at the time. He hired engineers Arthur Rosato and Joel Bernstein to transform it into a rehearsal area/studio.

Dylan's expanded pop-based band practiced in the space, and eventually rented a mobile truck with a 24-track to do the recordings for the 1978 album Street Legal. The cover of that album features the exterior of Rundown Studios.

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the look building

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Located at the corner of Madison Ave and 51st Street, the cake-like Look Building is named for the now-defunct magazine that the structure housed from 1937 to 1971.

The building also contained the offices of music publisher Witmark and Sons, who recorded early demos of Bob Dylan. In July 1962, Dylan recorded the first demo for the song "Blowin' in the Wind" in a 6' x 8' room at this address.

Since then, the Look building was added to the NYC landmark list in July of 2010. An album of the Witmark demos was released in 2010 called The Bootleg Series Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos: 1962–1964.

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brandeis university

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On May 10, 1963, a storm was descending on the Boston area. A young folk singer was scheduled to perform in the (now gone) Ullman Ampitheatre for the Brandeis Folk Festival. Instead, he performed in the gym, and the performance was recorded.

Bob Dylan's performance at the 1963 Brandeis Folk Festival went undiscovered for several years. The recording was found in the basement archive of Rolling Stone writer Ralph Gleason. In 2011, Columbia Records released Bob Dylan's In Concert – Brandeis University 1963.

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mr. ed’s grave

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From 1961-1966, the gelding (castrated) crossbred named Bamboo Harvester played the role of Mr. Ed on the syndicated sitcom.

Contrary to the popular "peanut butter theory", the crew used nylon wire to make Mr. Ed's mouth move. Eventually, Mr. Ed would move his lips whenever his trainer touched his hoof.

Bamboo Harvester died in 1970 and was buried without fanfare at Snodgrass Farm. He had filmed 143 episodes. Today, there is a marker there to honor "the famous Mr. Ed."

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rye playland

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Josh Baskin (Tom Hanks) makes a wish at the Zoltar machine in the 1998 film Big.

The scene was shot at the Rye Playground. Owned by Westchester County of New York, it is the only government owned-and-operated amusement parks in the United States.

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