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ashfield boys high school

from ac/dc posted in music by tacopolis

Angus Young, lead guitarist for AC/DC, dropped out of this high school when he was 15. His signature "schoolboy outfit" is modeled after an Ashfield Boys High School uniform.

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graffiti bridge

from prince posted in music by tacopolis

Near this intersection, the SW Regional LRT crosses over Valley View Road. For years, a bridge stood over Valley View that was perpetually coated with graffiti: messages for birthday congrats and wedding requests, drawings, and the occasional mural of Prince.

Prince (who lived in the area) must have appreciated it, because his follow-up to his smash film/album Purple Rain was the mediocre album/film Graffiti Bridge in 1990.

The bridge was removed in 1991, and was replaced with the clean and graffiti-free bridge that is there today.

Read a thorough history of Graffiti Bridge here.

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forest lawn memorial park

from michael jackson posted in music by tacopolis

Eddie Cochran is also buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park. His body was flown back from Bath, UK where he had died from head injuries sustained during a car accident on April 17, 1960.

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bell gardens high school

from eddie cochran posted in music by tacopolis

In 1953, Eddie Cochran's family moved from Albert Lea, MN to Bell Gardens, CA.

Cochran attended high school at this location, until he dropped out in his first year to be a professional musician.

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rowden hill

from eddie cochran posted in music by tacopolis

On April 16, 1960, rock legend Eddie Cochran was traveling in a cab from Bristol to London with his fiancée Sharon Sheeley, Gene Vincent, and Patrick Thompkins.

At about 11:50 pm, the speeding taxi blew a tire just after the viaduct, just before Rowden Hill. The taxi lost control, and slammed into a light post. Cochran attempted to shield his fiancée and was thrown from the car, sustaining massive head injuries.

Cochran was taken to nearby St. Martin's Hospital in Bath where he died the next day. Today, there is a memorial marker dedicated to Cochran at the spot where the accident occurred.

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