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summit high school

from the velvet underground posted in music by speedy_dee

On December 11, 1965, the Velvet Underground played their first show- under the name "The Velvet Underground" and with drummer Maureen Tucker- in the auditorium of Summit High School. Tickets cost $2.50, and other bands included the headliners The Myddle Class, as well as The Forty Fingers.

The VU played three songs ("There She Goes Again," "Venus In Furs," and "Heroin"), then walked out with the new Wollensack tape recorder of journalist Al Aronowitz. Gotta buy them drugs somehow.

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the death house

from death posted in music by speedy_dee

The Hackney brothers practiced at their home everyday between 3-6 pm: Bobby (bass, vocals), David (songwriter, guitar) and Dannis (drums).

Originally calling themselves Rock Fire Funk Express, guitarist David convinced his brothers to change the name of the band to Death.

In 1974, the three African American brothers recorded seven protopunk songs at United Sounds Studio in Detroit.

The band's story was featured in the 2012 documentary A Band Called Death.

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kramler building

from the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay posted in literature by speedy_dee

From the novel:

"The offices of the Empire Novelty Company, Inc., were on the fourth floor of the Kramler Building, in a hard-luck stretch of Twenty-fifth Street near Madison Square. A fourteen-story office block faced with stone the color of a stained shirt collar, its windows bearded with soot, ornamented with a smattering of modern zigzags, the Kramler stood out as a lone gesture of commercial hopefulness..."

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empire state building

from king kong posted in movies by speedy_dee

The Empire State Building is featured several times in the novel The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon.

The entire staff of Empire Comics moves into the 25th floor of the building when The Escapist becomes a hit, and Sam Clay stands watch against Nazi air attacks from the extant dirigible deck on the 86th floor (among several other scenes).

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u.s. grant hotel

from comic-con posted in comic books by speedy_dee

The precursor to the San Diego Comic-Con International, known as the Golden State Comic-Con, was first held at the U.S. Grant Hotel from August 1–3, 1970.

The hotel was originally built in 1922 by Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. (son of president Ulysses S. Grant) who named the hotel after his father. The hotel is now on the U.S. National Register for Historic Places (probably not for its role in comic history, but should be).

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