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wqed studios

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WQED is a public television station that was founded in 1954 as the brainchild of the Pittsburgh mayor, David L. Lawrence.

A friend and supporter of President Harry Truman, Lawrence wanted to have 12% of television programming dedicated to educational television. At the time, the FCC had put a freeze on issuing licenses since there were so many applicants. After much arm-twisting and corporate-wrangling, WEQD began broadcasting on April 1, 1954.

Among the notable productions to come out of WEQD is Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the iconic and radical children's program that featured Fred Rogers as the soft-spoken and profoundly compassionate story-teller/moral paragon. The show ran from its initial start in 1966 until 2001 (through repeats and syndication).

The WEQD call letters refer to the latin phrase Quod erat demonstrandum which means "what has been shown."

Clever broadcasters, that group...

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harding senior high school

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Opened in 1926, Harding Senior High School is the alma mater of comedian Mitch Hedberg (class of '86).

Go Knights!

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terrific beach outlet

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From Season 3 of Eastbound and Down.

Ashley Schaeffer (Will Ferrell) and the Grim Creepers (led by Craig Robinson) confront Kenny Powers and Stevie outside this "nautically themed gift shop" with a 100-ft great white shark edifice.

Other Bob Duato creations can be found here.

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kenny power’s brother’s house

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Kenny Powers was living here with his brother's family (Dustin, Cassie and their kids) during Season 1 of Eastbound and Down.

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ticketreturn.com field

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Home to the minor league team Myrtle Beach Pelicans, Ticketreturn.com Field (previously known as Coastal Federal Field and BB&T Coastal Field) was the Mermen's baseball field filming location for Eastbound and Down, Season 3.

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