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the hart house

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During WWF’s attitude era Owen Hart wrestled Ken Shamrock in the infamous Hart Family Dungeon on the July 1998 pay-per-view Fully Loaded.

Watch Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock in the Dungeon

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where andre the giant died

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On January 27, 1993, while he was in his home country of France to attend his father’s funeral, André Roussimoff, better known as Andre the Giant, died of a heart attack at the age of 46 in the room where he was staying at the Hotel de La Trémoille.

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ribera steakhouse

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According to Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody discovered the Ribera Steakhouse while on the lookout for an American-style dinner during a tour of Japan sometime in the late 70s / early 80s. The hole-in-the-wall restaurant gained a legendary status shortly after that, and it became a rite of passage for pro wrestlers to pick up the satin jacket with the distinctive bull logo whenever they visited.

You can credit the Road Warriors for being the first to realize how amazing the jacket looked with a pair of Zubaz.

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where the ultimate warrior died

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Warrior (aka The Ultimate Warrior and formerly James Hellwig before he legally changed his name in 1993) collapsed on April 8, 2014 while walking with his wife in this residential-style hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital at the age of 54.

Two days prior he was at Wrestlemania 30 as he had just been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He had only recently reconciled with Vince McMahon and the WWE, and the day before he died he made his first appearance on RAW in 18 years.

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gramma b’s (former)

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A former pro wrestler named Eddie Sharkey was bartending at Gramma B's in Northeast Minneapolis in the early 1980s when a few of the young bouncers caught his eye. Just to give you an example of the big men keeping an eye on the place, Richard Rood, even at 6'3" and 235 lbs, was still outsized by several others including Joe Laurinaitis, Michael Hegstrand, Barry Darsow and John Nord. Laurinaitis, would later recall that Gramma B's, frequented by bikers, wasn't your friendly neighborhood bar.

Sharkey, who had wrestled for the AWA in the 60s, decided to start a wrestling promotion in 1982 called Pro Wrestling America. He plucked the bouncers from Gramma B's as talent, opened a school in the basement of a church and trained Rood, Laurinaitis, Hegstrand and Darsow to become pro wrestlers.

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