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the teragram ballroom

from ty segall posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

Ty Segall and Freedom Band's 2019 live album Deforming Lobes was recorded (and then mixed by Steve Albini) over three nights in January 2018 at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles.

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the figure 8 wall

from elliott smith posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

The mural Elliott Smith stands in front of on the cover of his fifth and final album Figure 8 is located on the wall of the Solutions! audio-video repair shop in Los Angeles.

In 2017 a bar opened next door, and they partially destroyed the mural in order to install some sweet windows. Bar Angeles, named after the Elliott Smith Either/Or track “Angeles," moved that portion of the mural indoors, but that bar has since been replaced by a Filipino restaurant that doesn't seem to have kept the mural as part of its interior decor.

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the american football house

from american football posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

I’ve never really listened to American Football (nor do I know too much about them), but I've heard this is the location of the house in Urbana, IL on the cover of their first album.

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robert taylor homes (former)

from open mike eagle, brick body kids still daydream posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

Open Mike Eagle's 2017 record Brick Body Kids Still Daydream is a concept album about the high-rise Robert Taylor Homes on the South Side of Chicago where he lived until he was 13.

Robert Taylor Homes were built in the early 1960s as public housing, and life there, ruled by gang violence and drugs, was bleak. The last of the buildings was demolished in 2007 to be replaced by residential homes.

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royal albert hall

from adele, the byrds, nick cave and the bad seeds, the who posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

London's Royal Albert Hall opened in 1871 named after Queen Victoria's late husband Prince Albert.

Over 50 live albums have been recorded here including The Byrds’ Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971 (recorded in 1971 and released in 2008), Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ Live at The Royal Albert Hall (recorded in 1997 and released in 2008), The Who’s Live at The Royal Albert Hall (recorded in 2000/2002 and released in 2003), and Adele’s Live At The Royal Albert Hall (recorded and released in 2011).

Don’t be fooled by Bob Dylan’s Live 1966: The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert. It was actually recorded at Manchester Free Trade Hall. Likewise, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s The Royal Albert Hall Concert released in 1980 was found later to have been recorded in 1970 at the Oakland Coliseum, and it was renamed The Concert when it was reissued.

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