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marvel bullpen (1960s)

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Marvel Comics moved their offices from the Empire State Building to Madison Avenue in the 1960s. They were located here at 635 Madison Avenue during the Silver Age of Comic Books. In the early 70s they moved down the street and spent the Bronze Age at 575 Madison Avenue where they would stay until the early 1980s.

In Fantastic Four #10 (1963) Doctor Doom visited Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as they worked on Madison Avenue. Doom's evil meta plan was to force Lee to summon Fantastic Four's Reed Richard to the office in order to capture him.

Most artists, including Kirby, would have worked from home at that time, so a Marvel Bullpen where artists and writers collaborated together in one space, along with the idea of Lee and Kirby sharing an office, was largely Lee's invention.

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sanctum sanctorum

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Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich, both writers for Marvel comics, lived together at this address in the 1960s.

Thomas, who launched the Conan the Barbarian comic and wrote for Uncanny X-Men and The Avengers among many other titles, wrote an entire run of Dr. Strange from 1968-69. He gave Dr. Strange's fictional townhouse the address of his apartment at the time.

Thomas would eventually take over as editor-in-chief of Marvel in 1972 when Stan Lee became Marvel's publisher.

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the adventures of tintin mural

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The Stockel Metro Station in Brussels features murals on either side of the underground station's walls showing all 140 characters from the The Adventures of Tintin. The mural was drawn by Hergé and completed by Studio Hergé, his longtime group of collaborators, in 1988.

You can see a full set of photos from the mural here.

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tintin fire escape mural

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A five-story-tall scene from The Adventures of Tintin showing Haddock and Tintin on a fire escape is painted on the side of a building on Rue de l'Etuve in Brussels. It's located just down from the Manneken Pis sculpture, Brussels' famous landmark of a young boy pissing into a fountain.

The mural was painted in 2004 and comes from The Calculus Affair (#18 in the The Adventures of Tintin series), a 1950s cold war detective story about a sonic weapon of mass destruction.

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hôtel cornavin

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Hotel Cornavin as seen in The Calculus Affair, #18 in The Adventures of Tintin series.

Professor Calculus stays here while in Geneva, although if you visit you won't be able to stay in his room (room 122 on the fourth floor) because it doesn't actually exist.

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