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kensal green cemetery

from freddie mercury, queen posted in music by crabapple

Lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, was cremated at Kensal Green Cemetery after his death from AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia on Nov. 24, 1991.

The placement of his ashes has remained a mystery, but a plaque was found in the cemetery in early 2013, causing speculation that they were scattered on location.

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michael werner gallery

from captain beefheart, don van vliet posted in music by crabapple

The Michael Werner Gallery in New York has exhibited paintings and published books of Don Van Vliet's (Captain Beefheart) artwork since 1991.

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christ’s college (former)

from led zeppelin, john paul jones posted in music by crabapple

Young John Baldwin (later John Paul Jones) studied music at this boarding school. By the time he was fourteen, Baldwin was choirmaster and organist at a local church. He purchased his first bass guitar that year, a Dallas Tuxedo, partly inspired to take up the instrument after listening to the bass part on the Phil Upchurch Combo's "You Can't Sit Down."

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12 stafford terrace

from freddie mercury, queen posted in music by crabapple

After breaking up with his partner, Mary Austin, in the mid-1970s, Freddie Mercury moved into this home in the Kensington neighborhood of London. He lived here until he moved into the Hoare House (a.k.a. the Garden Lodge.

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antelope valley high school

from frank zappa, captain beefheart posted in music by crabapple

Founded in 1909, Antelope Valley High School sits on the edge of the Mojave Desert in the northern part of Los Angeles county.

Captain Beefheart (Don van Vliet) and Frank Zappa both attended this high school, as did other members of the Magic Band including Rockette Morton (Mark Boston/Magic Band bassist) and Zoot Horn Rollo (Bill Harkleroad/Magic Band guitarist).

When Beefheart dropped out of school to drive his ailing father's bakery truck, Zappa would come over to his house to eat expired pineapple buns and listen to R&B records until early in the morning.

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