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ötzi the iceman

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Found by hikers in 1991, "Ötzi" is Europe's oldest known natural human mummy. Through forensic archaeology, it may also be the world's oldest murder cold case.

The story of Ötzi was featured in Episode 3 of History on Fire podcast.

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sigmund freud’s birthplace

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The father of modern psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud (née Sigismund Schlomo Freud) was born in this house on May 6, 1856.

At that time, the young family was struggling financially and were living in a rented room in a locksmith's house. Today, the location is the Sigmund Freud Museum and is open for tours.

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joan of arc’s birthplace

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Jeanne d'Arc, a.k.a. Joan of Arc, was born in Domrémy at this location to Jacques d'Arc and Isabelle Romée in 1412.

She began receiving visions to expel the English in the gardens near this location in 1424, when she was twelve years old.

Today, the birthplace is a museum. From the Lorraine Region tourism website:

"The house where Joan of Arc was born was purchased in 1818 by the Vosges Département, and listed as an Historical Monument in 1840. It has been preserved and restored. Its façade is decorated with a tympanum sculpted with coats of arms from the 15th century, and a statue of Joan in armour, kneeling. Inside, you can visit four rooms: the room where she was born, Joan's bedroom, the storeroom and the brothers' room."

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the explorers club

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Located at this location since 1965, the Explorers Club is a group of professionals dedicated to the advancement of field research.

Members of the group were the first explorers to the North Pole (Robert E. Peary & Matthew Henson in 1909), first to the South Pole (Roald Amundsen in 1911), first to the summit of Mt. Everest (Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay in 1953), and first to the surface of the Moon (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins in 1969).

Today, the off-world colony group known as Mars One hold regular meetings to plan for a proposed manned mission to Mars in 2025.

Source: New Yorker, April 25, 2014

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green-wood cemetery

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Inside this cemetery (established in 1825) is Battle Hill, the highest natural point in Brooklyn (220 ft tall) and a pivotal spot during the largest battle of the American Revolution- the Battle of Brooklyn on August 27, 1776.

The cemetery itself contains the final resting place for many famous and infamous Americans: composer Leonard Bernstein, inventor Samuel F.B. Morse, political operative Boss Tweed, and notorious thug Bill the Butcher (dramatized in Scorsese's Gangs of New York).

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