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the corner hotel

from jack white, the white stripes posted in music by corporate_sunshine

Located in a suburb of Melbourne, The Corner Hotel is a remodeled 19th-century pub that has been a live music venue since the 1940s.

Jack White came up with the riff to "Seven Nation Army" while doing a sound check at The Corner Hotel.

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the terrarium

from the jayhawks, golden smog posted in music by corporate_sunshine

This recording studio in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis has recorded several local and national acts for the past twenty years.

The Jayhawks did Mockingbird Time here, and the off-shoot super-group Golden Smog recorded portions of Weird Tales here.

Local punk legends Dillinger Four (Civil War) and The Soviettes (LP II and LP III) put down tracks here, as well as diverse artists like The Okee Dokee Brothers, Nashville Pussy, and Beck.

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electric lady studios

from jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, weezer posted in music by corporate_sunshine

After Jimi Hendrix saw how much it cost to rent studio time for Electric Ladyland, he and his manager Michael Jeffrery decided to turn the Generation Club they had recently invested in into a studio. After several construction upgrades and expenses, Electric Lady Studios had their opening party on August 26, 1970.

Although Jimi Hendrix only recorded there for four weeks before he died, numerous landmark albums have been recorded there since: Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy (1973) and Physical Graffiti (1975), The Clash’s Combat Rock (1982), Weezer's first two albums, Run-DMC's Tougher than Leather (1988) and the White Stripes’ De Stijl (2000) are just some of the more noteworthy creations.

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oriental theater

from violent femmes, the pretenders posted in music by corporate_sunshine

In August of 1981, the Violent Femmes were having a tough time booking a show. Their sound didn't exactly match the musical landscape of the era. So they took to the streets, busking for change outside a drug store near the Oriental Theater.

The Pretenders guitarist, James Honeymoon-Scott, saw the group performing and stopped to listen. He got Chrissie Hynde. The opening act for The Pretenders had just canceled, so they asked the Violent Femmes if they would open. And that's how the Femmes got their commercial start.

When Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie went to thank Hynde after their set, she told him, "I didn't do it because I'm a nice guy. I did it because you were good."

source: Permanent Record: The Very Best of the Violent Femmes liner notes, Rhino Records

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harmar mall

from har mar superstar posted in music by corporate_sunshine

The raison d'être of the nom de guerre Har Mar Superstar (singer/songwriter/international sex symbol).

Disclaimer: speaking French at this mall will most likely get you beat up.

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