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where bruiser brody was stabbed

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Frank Goodish, a 6'8" giant best known as Bruiser Brody, wrestled in the NWA, the AWA, the WWWF and many other promotions during the territory days of the 70s and 80s.

In 1988 Brody traveled to Puerto Rico for a show on July 16 at Juan Ramón Loubriel Stadium in Bayamón. In the locker room before the show he was stabbed by a wrestler named Invader (real name José González). Brody died at the hospital early the next morning.

González was charged with the murder and claimed self-defense. In spite of the controversy surrounding his motives for killing Brody, González was acquitted after a trial in Puerto Rico the following year.

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where owen hart died

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Owen Hart fell to his death at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City on May 23, 1999 during WWF's Over the Edge pay-per-view.

Hart had recently reprised the masked Blue Blazer gimmick that he used when he first debuted in the WWF over ten years before. A stunt was planned where he would descend from the ceiling in a harness and grapple line before his match, but he ended up accidentally falling over fifty feet into the ring.

Luckily the arena house lights were down at the time while a backstage promo aired and no footage exists of the fall.

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the site of ric flair’s 1975 plane crash

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On October 4, 1975, wrestling promoter David Crockett, along with four wrestlers, Ric Flair, Johnny Valentine, Tim Woods and Bobby Bruggers, boarded a twin-engine Cessna to fly from Charlotte to Wilmington, North Carolina for an outdoor wrestling show. This was before Ric Flair was 'The Nature Boy' when he was just a 24-year-old starting out in the business during his early NWA days as part of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.

Because of the weight of the wrestlers, the pilot dumped fuel to lighten up. It was a tragic mistake, and the plane ran out of gas. They crashed just short of the Wilmington airport runway.

The pilot was the only one who died, although he survived in a coma for some time. Bruggers, Valentine and Flair all suffered broken backs. It ended the careers of Bruggers and Valentine, but Flair went through rehab and returned in six months to continue his feud with Wahoo McDaniel.

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the site of ric flair’s 1975 plane crash

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This was back in the days when all the marks still thought pro wrestling was real. The hospital staff panicked when Wahoo McDaniel, currently feuding with Flair, showed up at the hospital to visit him.

Johnny Valentine was in the middle of a feud with Tim Woods (aka Mr. Wrestling) at the time of the crash. The company feared that exposing the business as a work would be a catastrophe, and they went out of their way to make sure the public didn't know that the two had been traveling together. Woods was the only one to walk away from the crash, and he made some appearances shortly after to convince the fans he hadn't been on that plane, thus saving the reputation of the wrestling business forever.

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chase park plaza

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The tv show Wrestling at the Chase was taped here at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel and it aired in St. Louis on channel 11 for almost 25 years (1959-1983). It was promoted by Sam Muchnick, president of the St. Louis Wrestling Club and also president of the National Wrestling Alliance, the national promotion that for many years consolidated a majority of the regional promotions under one name.

Ric Flair, Bruiser Brody, Ted DiBiase and many others appeared here at one time. The show aired on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings and was one of St. Louis's highest rated programs.

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