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Vulcan is a prairie town in Alberta, Canada. It was named after the Roman god of fire, but the small town of less than 2,000 people has since decided to capitalize on the fact that it shares a name with Spock's fictional home planet Vulcan in Star Trek.

For over twenty years they have hosted the Spock Days Star Trek convention. They built a replica of the Starship Enterprise, and at the Tourism and Trek Station you can see some Star Trek memorabilia and presumably also find out about the history of the town's grain-based economy.

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future birthplace of james t. kirk

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Behind the old barber shop is a plaque that commemorates a fictional event 200 years from now. On March 22, 2228, Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise will be born in Riverside, IA. This was self-proclaimed by the city of Riverside, and good on them for showing the initiative. They were going to do a bronze bust of Kirk, but Paramount wanted $40,000.

The Riverside History Center has dedicated a room to Star Trek called The Voyage Home. Each year the community club puts on Trek Fest where Trekkies congregate. There is a sculpture in the park that has an eerie similarity (but legally dissimilar) to the Enterprise.

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