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blue origin launch site

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Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos is in the rocket game as well. His company, Blue Origin, has a launch site in west Texas near the town of Van Horn.

Specializing in VTVL (Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing) technology, the team has been making advances in suborbital rocketry (video here).

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space adventures

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Founded by Eric Anderson in 1998 (two years after he graduated college), Space Adventures specializes in space tourism. Specifically, the company books passage on Russian spaceflights for space tourists and organizes all the necessary training.

Space Adventures had the world's first space tourist, entrepreneur Dennis Tito, as a client in 2001. They continue to plan for zero-G flights, suborbital and orbital spaceflights, and hope to provide the world's first private lunar mission.

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stratolaunch systems

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Founded by the same team that won the Ansari X Prize in 2004, Microsoft gazillionaire Paul G. Allen and Scaled Composites founder Burt Rutan started Stratolauch Systems in 2011.

The purpose of Stratolaunch is to create an air launch-to-orbit vehicle for commercial space travel. The company is a joint venture between Scaled Composites (who is creating the carrier aircraft), SpaceX (who is creating the multi-stage launch vehicle, and Dynetics (designing the mating and integration system). Test flight for the aircraft is set for 2015, and test launch of the rocket (a SpaceX Falcon-9) is set for 2016.

Stratolauch Systems, headquartered in Huntsville, AL, does test flights out of the Mojave Air and Spaceport.

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