ocean star offshore drilling rig museum

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ocean star offshore drilling rig museum
pier 19, harborside drive
galveston, texas 77550

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Ever wonder how they get all that delicious "texas tea" out from the ocean floor?

Ever wish that they had a museum showing the massive industrial-scale technology necessary to keep up your environmentally destructive lifestyle?

Guess what? They do! It's in Galveston, Texas.

The Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum is comprised of three main portions.

1.) The Museum and Education portion has a full derrick set-up, and also a blowout preventer, drill pipe, and a cementing unit (bring your camera)!

2.) The Offshore Pioneers Hall of Fame features the bold visionaries who were willing to see the profit in exploiting a volatile, finite natural resource (hint: there's a President in their Hall of Fame)!

3.) Educational Programs to enhance public knowledge, which even includes "field trips and overnight and summer camps." Bring your hard hat, Jimmy! This here's a working vacation.

photo: Ed Schipul

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The term "derrick" refers to the structure's resemblance to the type of gallows from which a hangman's noose hangs.

The derrick type of gallows in turn got its name from Thomas Derrick, an English executioner from the Elizabethan era who executed more than 3,000 people, including the guy who gave him the job, the Earl of Essex.

Illustration by Thomas Derrick, a different one from Italy