dymaxion car factory

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dymaxion car factory
1 atlantic street
bridgeport, connecticut 06604

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On July 12, 1933, the first three-wheeled, multi-directional Dymaxion car rolled off the factory floor at this location. Housed in the former factory building of the Locomobile company, the Dymaxion car was developed by Buckminster Fuller as an addition to his line of Dymaxion brand products developed to improve all of humanity's living conditions.

The Dymaxion car could carry 11 passengers and reached a documented speed of 90 mph. The rear wheel (of the three-wheeled car) powered and steered the vehicle, a departure from contemporary design.

At the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, an accident with the Dymaxion car damaged the first prototype badly, killing the driver, and seriously injuring the two passengers; one of whom was William Sempill, aviation pioneer and Japanese spy.

Investors backed out, partially out of fears that the new, efficient and economical car would eliminate current vehicle distribution channels and second-hand markets.

photo: luisvilla