mohamed’s falafel star

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mohamed's falafel star
avenue a and st. mark's pl
new york, new york 10009

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While preparing to shoot the video for "I Can't Put My Finger On It" off Chocolate and Cheese, Ween approached director Chris Applebaum (video director for Rihanna, Britney Spears, and other pop stars) and asked him, "Have you ever seen a succulent lamb shank skewered and spinning on a rotisserie while lit by a beautiful amber light?"

Applebaum replied that there was a falafel shop down the street from his apartment, at the corner of Avenue A and E. 8th st. Applebaum negotiated for six hours of shooting ($125 location fee), and sent a picture of the owners to Ween. They loved the look of the brothers who owned the shop, so Gene asked them to be in the video to look like his rap posse.

While shooting at the location, Mohamed brought out a collection of knives that he stored in the backroom where he and his brother slept. They are featured (along with the brothers' friends) waving them at the end of the video.

Deaner's introspective solos were shot at Coney Island (also Ween's idea).

Ween, "Can't Put My Finger On It", Elektra Records